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10 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

10 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident GetMyAuto

The only way to totally eliminate the risk of a car accident is to simply never drive anywhere—an impractical and impossible solution for most of us. Beyond that, though, there are some smart driving habits that can significantly reduce your risk, and help keep you and your passengers safe.

How to Minimize Your Risk of an Auto Accident

  1. Stay out of the fast lane. It’s always good to have an escape route—a way to get out of the way if you see another car that’s driving recklessly. That’s hard to come by in the fast lane, which is why we recommend staying in either the middle or the right-hand lane whenever possible.
  2. Know where your blind spots are. Your mirrors alone are not sufficient for achieving full visibility. You’ll need to physically move your head sometimes, especially when shifting lanes, to make sure you’re not pulling in front of another vehicle.
  3. Maintain good posture. When you get tired, or your arms grow fatigued, you gradually lose some of you control over the vehicle. Make sure you sit comfortably, with full support for your back and arms, to minimize this risk.
  4. Be mindful of your vehicle’s limits. Some cars simply don’t respond well to sharp corners, sudden turns, or slippery roads. Be aware of where your vehicle struggles and strains.
  5. Avoid driving at night. If at all possible, keep your driving to daylight hours. If you do need to take long trips over night, be sure to caffeinate properly. If you feel fatigued, pull over for some rest!
  6. Watch the horizon. Don’t just focus on the car right in front of you. Keep your eyes on the horizon, taking into view everything that’s going on ahead of you.
  7. Drive with your hands at 3 and 9. This isn’t just something driver’s ed teachers make up. It’s actually the best way to maintain control of the vehicle, and minimize your risk of an accident.
  8. Judge other cars. It sounds a little funny, but it’s true: If you see a car that’s in bad condition, there’s a reasonable chance that it’s because the driver is not sufficiently mindful or responsible. It might be wise to get away from that vehicle, if you can.
  9. Take care of your own vehicle. Things like routine tire rotations and oil changes keep you safe!
  10. Invest in a safe vehicle. Next time you go shopping for a new car, make sure you pay attention to things like safety features and crash test ratings. A safe automobile is essential for keeping yourself and your passengers secure.

How to Keep Highway Accidents to a Minimum

These tips are not guaranteed to keep you accident-free—but they can certainly go a long way. Take them under advisement—and if you need help finding that good, safe car, don’t hesitate to connect with our team at Get My Auto! Reach out to us today.