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3 Signs You Need to Find a New Dealership

3 Signs You Need to Find a New Dealership GetMyAuto

Here at Get My Auto, our primary focus is connecting buyers with reputable used car dealerships, particularly here in Orange County.

We believe strongly that buying from a used car dealership is the best way to get a great value on your next vehicle. With that said, we understand that, for all the excellent dealerships out there, there are a few that aren’t as reputable.

So how can you tell when you are at an untrustworthy dealership, and need to look elsewhere? Here are three warning signs for you to watch out for.

The dealership won’t give you a complete vehicle history.

Before you buy any used car, you should always ask for a complete auto history. These reports can be generated by CarFax or a similar service and will provide you with a clear summary of any accidents, collisions, or major repairs in the vehicle’s past.

In other words, they help you to know what you are getting into, and a reputable dealership should be happy to furnish you with a report.

If you ask for a vehicle history and the dealership seems reluctant, that’s a pretty good indication that they’re hiding something. Time to look elsewhere!

The dealership won’t let you take the car for a lengthy test drive.

You should never buy a vehicle—new or used—without taking it for a spin. Test driving allows you to note any strange sounds or feelings, and it also enables you to make sure you like how the car feels.

Don’t hesitate to request a good, lengthy test drive—however long you need to get a good sense of how the car handles. And if the dealership doesn’t want to accommodate, that’s another good reason to look somewhere else.

The dealership doesn’t want you to have the car inspected.

You don’t always have to get a used vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic—but if you have questions or concerns about it, or just want to protect your investment, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask.

Most dealerships will have no problem with you taking the car for a few hours, or maybe even a day or two, to get it checked out at the garage of your choosing. If the dealership disallows this, well, again: It could be because they are hiding something. Consider it a red flag.

The bottom line for buyers is that used car dealerships should work to earn your trust—and if they fall short, you can always find another seller. We’d love to connect you with trustworthy dealerships right here in Orange County. Reach out to Get My Auto to start the process!