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4 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

4 Reasons to Buy a Used Car GetMyAuto

Should your next vehicle be a brand new one, straight off the showroom floor? Or would it make more sense to purchase your next vehicle used? More and more buyers are choosing the big value offered by used car lots—and it’s not hard to understand why. In fact, we can think of four great reasons to choose a used automobile over a brand new one.

You’re trying to avoid depreciation.

It’s common knowledge that a new vehicle starts to depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot—and that the bulk of its depreciation happens in the first year. So if you buy a brand new car and want to sell it in two or three years, you’ll only make back a small portion of your original value.

But when you buy a used car, most of the depreciation has already happened. You may purchase a pre-owned vehicle today for $15,000, keep it for two or three years, and be able to sell it for $12,000 or more—a good return on your investment.

You want to move into the next class.

What’s your idea of a luxury car? A BMW? A Lexus? Whatever it is, you may be daunted by the high sticker price of brand new luxury vehicle—but what about a lightly used luxury vehicle?

Purchasing your luxury vehicle on a used car lot can allow you to get that prestige, and all the accompanying bells and whistles, for a price you can afford. In short, it’s a good way to enter into the world of high-end vehicles, without breaking the bank.

You want to save on insurance costs.

This may seem like a minor perk, but actually, it can make a big difference: Most insurers will charge higher premiums for a brand-new car than for a used one. The savings you get can be pretty major, which can put a lot more money in your pocket over the lifespan of your car.

You want more options.

It’s not just about saving money or maximizing value! Another reason to opt for a used car dealership is that they tend to have a much richer, wider assortment of vehicles for you to choose from.

Electric cars, hybrids, vehicles of all makes and models—you can find them at a reputable used car dealership, really allowing you to choose the car that’s right for you.

Find a Used Car Dealership Near You

These are just a few of the reasons to pick a used car over a brand new one—so if you’re ready to start test driving some vehicles, reach out to Get My Auto. We’d love to help you connect with the best used car dealership in your area. Contact us today to set an appointment and to start your used car buying journey!