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4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car GetMyAuto

Let’s be real: Any time you are in a moving vehicle, there is some risk of an accident—no matter how careful and how cautiously you drive. That’s a troubling thought for parents, who obviously want to do everything in their power to minimize the risk faced by their little ones. That’s our topic for today: Some simple steps and principles that can make your vehicle as safe as can be for your kiddos.

Use Car Seats Appropriately

You probably don’t need to be reminded that little ones need to be in car seats any time the vehicle is in motion. What you may need a gentle reminder of is that car seats come with expirations—and sooner or later, your child will need a new rig.

First: Do you know where you can find the expiration date for your car seat or booster? Most of the time, it’s printed on a level and attached to the base of the seat, or to some other plastic component.

Find the expiration date and take it seriously! It’s there because the plastic parts can degrade over time—meaning the car seat can become unsafe for youngsters.

Don’t Forget to Buckle

Again, you may know this already—but it’s important enough that we just have to mention it. Cars have gotten safer and safer, but you still need to ensure your little one is wearing a seatbelt, whether they are in a rear-facing seat or a regular one.

Statistics show that, of the kids who die in car accidents, a full third of them were not wearing the right seat belt. Car seats can save lives—full stop.

Watch the Temperature

It’s a proven fact that the temperature inside the car can be quite a bit toastier than the temperature outside. In fact, it may be a pleasant 75 degrees outdoors, but the interior of your car may still be more than 100—hot enough to be truly dangerous for your little one.

Never leave your child in a hot car. You can attach a thermometer to the dash to help you determine the interior temperature, or even use a smartphone attachment.

And by the way: Also be mindful of days when the weather is too cold, and make sure you heat up the vehicle before you send your child into anything too frigid.

Clean the Trunk

One final tip: Remember that, if your vehicle is in a collision, and if you have loose items in your trunk, those items could be hurtled into the front of the vehicle—potentially striking your child in the head. So if you carry around heavy, sharp, or otherwise dangerous items, it’s imperative to secure them—or just declutter your trunk.

These four tips are a good starting point for keeping your children safe. Another key point: Buy a vehicle that’s safe. We would love to help you find one! Reach out to Get My Auto to start your used car search today.