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5 Common Questions About Tire Maintenance

5 Common Questions About Tire Maintenance GetMyAuto

Every component of your vehicle is important—but the tires play a unique role in keeping your vehicle safe and functioning as intended. Without the proper tires, you won’t get the right fuel economy. You won’t enjoy a very smooth ride. And you may not even be safe when the car’s in motion.

All that’s just to say that your tires matter, and as with all the other components of your vehicle, your tires won’t take care of themselves. Make sure you stay on top of routine tire maintenance! To help you out, here are some quick answers to some of the most common tire upkeep inquiries.

5 Common Questions About Your Car Tires

How often do you need to get your tires replaced?

Sooner or later, all tires get worn out and need to be replaced. The exact frequency can vary from car to car, and hinges on a few different factors—make, model, how you drive it, etc. As a general rule of thumb, though, we recommend getting your tires replaced every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. And to stay on top of things, get them inspected every time you have your oil changed.

What are the most common causes of tires wearing out?

Again, all tires wear out sooner or later, simply due to everyday wear and tear. But if yours are wearing out quite quickly, it could be due to any of these factors:

  • You have them overinflated
  • You have them underinflated
  • They are misaligned
  • You’re not getting them rotated often enough

What are some warning signs that the tires are failing?

There are a few red flags that let you know you need to take your vehicle in for a tire inspection, and possible tire replacement. The biggest is that your tire service light comes on! Additionally, if it’s been more than 5,000 miles since your last tire replacement, you may wish to have them looked at.

How do tires affect fuel economy?

If your tires are either inflated too much or not inflated enough, it can negatively impact your gas mileage. Check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends for pressure level and try to maintain it.

Why is the tire service light on?

It may be because the tires have been inflated too much or because they need to be inflated more. In some cases, it may be because your tire has a slow leak and needs to be either patched or repaired. And in some instances, it may simply be a reflection of abrupt changes in the weather or in atmospheric pressure.

Take Care of Your Tires!

Tire maintenance is a critical aspect of vehicle ownership. Hopefully, these questions point you toward some good tire upkeep habits; however, if you have any further questions, check either your car’s manual or with your local service center.

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