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5 Effective Ways to Deodorize Your Car

5 Effective Ways to Deodorize Your Car-GetMyAuto

Most of us spend a decent amount of time in our vehicles—and obviously, we’d like that time to be as pleasant as possible. A musty odor can make your commute uncomfortable, to say the least—but the good news is, you don’t have to settle for it. There are ways you can eliminate foul odors from your vehicle and start enjoying time in the car again. Here are a few vehicle deodorizing strategies from the Get My Auto team.

How to Eliminate Foul Smells from Your Vehicle

  1. The first step should always be to remove any junk and clutter from your car. Old fast food wrappers, empty bottles, dead bugs, crumbs and other debris—you may be surprised at how much of a stench these items can put off. Get a big trash bag (or two!) and remove any and all clutter from your vehicle’s floorboards, consoles, and trunk.
  2. Next, spray and disinfect! Scented cleaning products such as Lysol can work wonders; there’s no need to buy a vehicle-only specialty item. Spray down the dashboards and the seats and see if this helps mitigate the smell.
    It’s never a bad idea to invest in some basic deodorizers—such as vent clips and air fresheners that can hang from your rearview mirror. Install these items and drive around for a little while, seeing if they help absorb that odor and produce a fresh, clean smell in its place.
  3. Tend to the carpets, as well. Remove any floor mats and give them a good, thorough cleaning. Vacuum your carpets and consider shampooing them. The reason this works is that, often, bad smells emanate from food particles that have been ground deep into the carpet itself. A good, thorough cleaning can dislodge those particles and remove the foul smell. (Pet deodorizing shampoo is worth trying!)
  4. If none of that works, you may wish to take your car into a detailer, who has access to heavy-duty cleaning equipment and industrial strength deodorizers that can really get your car smelling good again.

Keeping Your Car Smelling its Best

We’d also recommend taking some steps to keep your car smelling clean, moving forward; add some trash bags to your vehicle where you can deposit any and all refuse, and clean them often. Also, consider making those Lysol and pet shampoo sessions semi-regular. Finally, change out the air fresheners as needed.

No matter how musty your vehicle smells, there are always steps you can take to get it smelling fresh and clean again. For more information about making an old or used car seem like new again, don’t hesitate to contact Get My Auto’s team of experts at your next leisure!