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5 Things To Do Before You Trade Your Car

Getting a new car is always exciting—but before purchasing a vehicle, you first have to figure out what you’re going to do with the old one. Assuming the car is still up and running and has a few miles left in it, you may consider trading it to the dealership, which can help defray some of the cost of your vehicle purchase. Before you trade your vehicle, it’s important to take a few simple steps to make sure it’s in top condition—allowing you to get the maximum dollar amount for your trade-in.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Trade

1. Get the paperwork in order.

Ideally, you’ll have some documentation you can provide with your car—including the owner’s manual and up-to-date information on vehicle servicing. For example, if you recently had the brakes repaired, the oil changes, or the tires replaced, see if you can find a receipt to validate these purchases. It’s also important to get the vehicle registration ready so that you can sign it over to the new owner.

2. See how much it’s worth.

This is an important way to ensure you don’t get ripped off. Using online resources like Kelley Blue Book, get a general sense of your vehicle’s trade-in value, and be skeptical of dealerships that offer you something far short of that number. (Note that the trade-in value will be lower than the resale value.)

3. Have last-minute servicing done.

You want to make clear that your vehicle has been well-loved and properly cared for. So, if it’s due for an oil change or tire rotation, have that done. It’s a minor expense that can go a long way toward showing the dealership that you’ve been zealous about routine maintenance and upkeep.

4. Clean the vehicle.

Take some time to get it looking and smelling its best. That means scrubbing the upholstery, vacuuming the seats and floorboards, and making sure all debris is removed from the cupholders. Also invest in some natural deodorizers to neutralize any smells that linger in your vehicle.

5. Research dealerships.

Simply put, some used car dealerships are more reputable and trustworthy than others—and you definitely want to find a dealership that will give you a fair shake on your trade-in. A little online research can go a long way, and we also recommend reaching out to Get My Auto for a recommendation. We’re happy to connect you with a good, trustworthy dealership here in Orange County, California.

Connect with a Dealership Today

Trading your vehicle can be a simple and effective way to move on to your next vehicle. To begin the process, connect with a good used car dealership near you. If you live in Orange County, reach out to Get My Auto and let us put you in touch with the right company. We’d love to be an asset to you as you seek to trade in your car. Contact the Get My Auto team today!