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8 Questions to Ask Your Vehicle Service Technician

8 Questions to Ask Your Vehicle Service Technician GetMyAuto

Own a car for any length of time and you’ll inevitably need to have it serviced—even if it’s just routine stuff like tire rotation and oil change.

To save money, and also to ensure you’re getting the best service possible, it’s important to communicate candidly with your service technician. Here are some of the questions you might ask during your next service appointment.

What to Ask Your Mechanic or Service Advisor

  1. What’s the fee for diagnostics? Most service centers will charge a minimum amount just to look at your car and diagnose it—even if it turns out no repairs are needed. This charge could be anywhere from $50 to $200, so it’s always smart to ask up front.
  2. Does your team have experience working on this kind of car? If you drive something fairly common, like a GM or a Honda, then it’s safe to say that pretty much all mechanics will know their way around it. If you’re driving something a little rarer, though, you should always ask about the service team’s familiarity with it.
  3. Can I see a written estimate? You always have the right to see all the services, labor, and parts listed out, along with their fees. Don’t hesitate to ask for this breakdown.
  4. Has my vehicle been subject to any recalls? It’s usually pretty easy for mechanics or service advisors to check for any recalls that might impact you. This is especially true if you’re at a dealership. It’s unlikely, but still worth checking on.
  5. Are any of these parts still under warranty? If you think any part of your vehicle may be under warranty, it doesn’t hurt to ask about it. Doing so can help you save a few bucks in the long run.
  6. Are these repairs urgent? Sometimes, repairs really don’t need to be made on the spot; you can maybe push them until your next service visit without running any risk. Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if it’s a repair you weren’t financially prepared for.
  7. How long will the repairs take? Your service tech won’t know the exact timeframe, but it’s reasonable to ask for a rough estimate.
  8. What are the upcoming repairs I should know about? If you’re going to need new brakes or new tires any time soon, you may want to start saving and planning for the expense. Ask your mechanic if he or she sees any big repairs looming.

These are just a few examples of the questions you can ask to make sure you’re getting just what you need at your next service visit. To learn more about smart car maintenance, reach out to our team at Get My Auto, or like us on Facebook to get further updates!