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Asking Smart Questions at the Used Car Dealership

Asking Smart Questions at the Used Car Dealership GetMyAuto

Every buyer wants to make sure they get a reliable used car for a fair price. One way you make that happen is by asking all the right questions while you’re at the dealership. In this post, we’ll offer a few examples of some questions that truly smart buyers know to ask.

Key Questions for Your Auto Dealer

For how long may I take this vehicle to a mechanic? A reputable dealer won’t object to you taking a car to an independent mechanic to have it thoroughly inspected, ensuring you don’t end up with a lemon. Any dealer who balks at this idea is not trustworthy, and you should walk away.

Where did the vehicle come from? Was this a car acquired at an auction? Was it surplus from a franchise dealership? Or was it a trade-in from a private seller? Asking this question can be key to obtaining an accurate history of the vehicle and its maintenance.

Will you supply me with a vehicle history? Along the same lines, you should always ask your sales rep for a full vehicle history, whether from CarFax or a similar service. Be very skeptical of any dealership that is unwilling to provide you with this report.

What kind of maintenance have you done on the vehicle? For all you know, the car has been sitting on the lot for weeks or even months—so has the dealership done anything to keep it maintained in that timespan?

For how long can you take the vehicle for a test drive? Never, ever buy a used car (or for that matter a new car) without test driving it. If your dealership seems reluctant to let you drive it for more than a couple of minutes, that could be a red flag.

Is there a discount for buying the car in cash? You may not be able to purchase the vehicle in cash, of course—but if you are, always ask about price bonuses and discounts. Many dealerships will lower the price for cash buyers, but only if you ask up front.

Is there anything that would prevent you from driving the car cross country tomorrow? This is sort of a left-field question that can sometimes take sales reps off guard—but it may also be a chance to figure out some of their real feelings about the vehicle in question.

The bottom line for used car buyers is that it pays to do your due diligence—and that means asking all the right questions. Use the prompts here to make sure you’re keeping your sales rep honest. And to be connected with a good dealership in your area, contact Get My Auto today!