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Are These the Best 2017 Vehicle Bargains?

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Determining the best value of a new vehicle can be tricky. On the one hand, a vehicle is an investment, and it’s one that you want to last you a good long while. As such, you don’t want to be stingy and end up with a so-so vehicle—or worse, an outright lemon. Then again, you also don’t want to spend more than you can truly afford. Where’s the middle ground? Where do you turn for a vehicle that’s reliable, but also affordable?

One option, of course, is to buy your next vehicle used—a great way to cut your costs considerably, while still getting a car or truck that is potentially first-rate. For those who are looking to buy new, however, we have a few recommendations we can make—a list of cars that truly represent a great bang for your buck in 2017, even if you buy them at sticker price.

The Most Affordable Cars of 2017

Ford Fiesta

This little car has been given a massive technology upgrade from Ford, including some next-level safety features. In other words, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, yet the base price is well under $20,000. This is one of those bargain cars that’s actually got a lot going for it, so long as you don’t mind a vehicle that’s a bit on the small side.

FIT 124 Spider

This vehicle has a base price of under $25,000, which is pretty astonishing when you consider that it’s truly a sports car—sleek, sexy, and fast. This little roadster isn’t ideal for families, of course, but if you want a sports car that you can actually afford, this might be a decent option.

Prius Prime

The most celebrated of all hybrid vehicles gets its best, most feature-loaded incarnation yet—and it boasts up to 133 miles per gallon! That’s obviously a big selling point, enough that the car feels like an immense value even at $27,100 (base price).

Jeep Patriot Sport

Want something that’s a little more tough, rugged, and off-road-ready—but still available for a decent price? You can snag this Jeep for under $20,000, which is really pretty great for a crossover of any type.

Mazda3 Sports Sedan Manual

This car walks the line between a sporty roadster and a family-friendly sedan—and because it retails for under $18,000, it’s also a surprisingly affordable option for anyone who likes its style.

Chevrolet Cruze L

Finally, for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable and dependable family sedan with a reasonable price tag, we’ll just make note of this great model—which you can get starting at $16,975. Definitely one to look into!

Great Cars, Great Values

Any of these vehicles might provide an affordable option for you and your family—but in the meantime, we’ll repeat what we said about used cars being another good avenue for value and for savings. To connect with a used car dealership in your area, we encourage you to reach out to us today at Get My Auto.