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What are the Best Used Family Cars?

Happy family with their new car t the dealer

Buying a new automobile is always a significant expense—and when you have a family, that level of expense can take its toll. It can be difficult enough making sure there’s food on every plate, clothes on every back, and shoes on every pair of feet; throw a vehicle purchase into the mix and it can start to feel a little daunting. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. Vehicle technology has gotten so good that even cars and trucks with 100,000 miles or more have much life left in them, which means you can purchase a pre-owned vehicle—at a fraction of the original sticker price—and still be getting a good value for a really durable, dependable car.

The question, of course, is which car you should get. There happen to be a wide number of great cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs that meet the needs of growing families while still coming with reasonable prices—especially when purchased from a used car dealer. We’ll outline some of the best family car options below.

Best Used Cars for Families

Some general recommendations for good family vehicles, listed in no particular order:

The Kia Soul. This hatchback comes with a surprising amount of cargo space and lots of room for passengers; even as your kids grow up, they will be comfortable in the back seat, while the vehicle itself offers amazing fuel economy.

Toyota Prius. Hybrid vehicles are easy to keep filled with gasoline, and this particular Hybrid comes with a fair amount of storage space as well as that famous Toyota reliability. All in all, a Prius is just a great value, unless you need something with more passenger space.

Ford C-Max Hybrid. The C-Max gets close to Prius-like gas mileage, but also comes with more passenger room and a really spacious, comfortable interior. Make sure you give this one a look!

Honda CR-V. For families looking for a crossover, this is a good medium-sized SUV that’s spacious on the inside but also comes with great Honda engineering and upkeep.

Chevrolet Suburban. Need to cart around a bunch of people—like, up to nine? Then this is the vehicle for you—a true behemoth that is nevertheless dependable and powerful. The only downside: The gas mileage is pretty lousy.

Best Used Family Cars Under $15,000

Now we come to a special list—just a few cars to explore further if you want to buy something used for less than $15,000. These are pre-owned vehicles that most families can easily afford.

The bottom line for those seeking a good family vehicle for a reasonable price: You’ve got options. See some of these cars directly at your nearest used car dealership—and if you need further insight, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Get My Auto.