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What are the Best Used Sports Cars?

Daly City, CA, USA – September 27, 2015: Dodge Challenger RT parked in parking lot of Serramonte shopping center.

Many of us dream of one day owning a sports car. They’re fast, they’re fun, they’re stylish, they’re youthful—getting behind the wheel of a sports car is the surest way of reconnecting with the pleasure of driving.

There is one glaring problem with sports cars, though, which is simply this: They can be rather expensive, and buying one brand new is simply more than the average motorist can afford.

There is an obvious workaround, though. You don’t have to buy your sports car brand new, but rather you can buy one off a used car lot—allowing you to get all that flash and fun for a fraction of the price. Because sports cars are being manufactured with increasingly high standards of quality, it’s possible to buy a pre-owned one—even one with 100,000 miles or more—and still end up with a good, reliable, long-lasting automobile.

Of course it is important to do your homework, which is why we offer the following tips and pointers. With any additional questions, reach out to us directly at getmyauto.com.

The Most Reliable Used Sports Cars

Not all sports cars are created equal, and if you want to get one that has plenty of life left in it, you want to make sure to appraise it carefully. According to a report from Autotrader, the most reliable used sports cars include:

If nothing else, this list can provide you with a good starting point—some used sports cars that are known for their longevity and their performance, and may provide you with the value you are looking for.

Regardless of which make and model you choose, you will want to look up the complete vehicle history on Carfax. If you are not sure how to use this service, you can always ask the used car dealer to provide the report to you directly. Take the vehicle for a test drive and make sure you like the way it feels. Also look under the hood and appraise the interior; if you don’t know a great deal about cars, find someone who does, and bring that person with you to look over the vehicle before you commit to it.

Best Affordable Used Sports Cars

Ultimately, the best used sports car is the one that you feel the most comfortable with—but how do you know how much you should pay for it? There are plenty of great used sports cars available for $40,000 or less—representing a sharp discount over the manufacturer price.

Where to Buy Best Sports Cars in San Diego

San Diego is one of the best cities for seeking used sports cars, as the market here is always a hot one. For additional help finding a good used sports car in San Diego, don’t hesitate to contact us at Get My Auto.