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What are you looking for in your next subcompact car? Of course, you want safety. You want a smooth ride and an optimal performance. And ideally, you want plenty of features. On top of all that, you want value—maximum bang for buck. The question is, which car best delivers on all these fronts, providing the top-rated package in the subcompact space?

There are a lot of contenders, but one car that stands out to us is the 2015 Chevy Sonic—definitely a car that should be at the top of your subcompact shopping list. In this review, we’ll list some pros and cons of buying a used Chevy Sonic in Orange County.

The 2015 Chevy Sonic at a Glance

We’ll begin with a general overview, then get into some specific pros and cons. The 2015 Chevy Sonic is available a sedan or as a four-door hatchback. It’s built to offer a steady, smooth, and reliable performance. Its four-cylinder engine occupies a pleasing middle ground: It’s not necessarily built for speed, but it does fine, and won’t wipe you out at the gas pump. On top of that, some of Chevy’s best-ever features are offered with this car, including rearview cameras, high-quality interior materials, a user-friendly dashboard console, and more.

Pros of a Used Chevy Sonic

There are some specific selling points to the 2015 Chevy Sonic—among them:

-As mentioned, the engine is perfectly fine—and if you opt for the turbocharged option, it’s actually really powerful.
-No matter which engine you spring for, we think you’ll find this Chevy a lot of fun to drive.
-The cabin space is spacious, and you can get it made with high-end materials.
-The features offered are pretty generous, even just on the standard trim level.

Put these things together and you have a pretty impressive overall package—but before we offer our final recommendation, it’s only fair to look at a few drawbacks.

Cons of a Used Chevy Sonic

Indeed, if you’re going to buy your Chevy used in Orange County, you’ll want to know about a few minor cons.

-Like we said before, the base-level engine is not going to win you any road races—so if speed is your thing, keep looking.
-Even with the hatchback, the cargo space is quite limited.
-The cabin materials aren’t that great if you just get the standard trim level.

Should You Buy a Used Chevy in Orange County?

Our final assessment of the 2015 Chevy Sonic is that it’s a prime contender in the subcompact field—and a little car that earns a big recommendation.

We encourage you to look for your 2015 Chevy Sonic used. Do so at a reputable Orange County dealership—and if you need to be connected to one, reach out to us directly. Get My Auto is in the business of helping drivers find their dream cars—and we’d love to help you find a Chevy Sonic used.