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Why Buy a Used Car?

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Today’s vehicle owner has plenty of options to choose from—not just different makes and models, but different places to buy. You can buy from a used car dealership, you can buy directly from a private seller on Craigslist—really, the list goes on and on. While there is no “right” way to do things, and everyone’s needs are different, there is one thing that can be said with certainty: Buying a car used instead of brand new comes with plenty of advantages.

In fact, there are a few different reasons to consider buying a certified used car, not a new one from the factory. Read on to learn some of them.

Why Buy a Certified Used Car?

Used cars are much less expensive than brand new ones. This is the obvious reason to buy a used car, but it’s obvious for a reason: Purchasing a vehicle is always a big financial commitment, but when you buy a used one you can potentially save thousands of dollars. In fact, the average used vehicle will be discounted as much as 40-50 percent off the original sticker price, even if it’s only a couple of years old!

You won’t lose as much of the value. Related to the above point: When you buy a brand new vehicle, it begins to depreciate in value the second you drive it off the lot. In fact, it can lose almost half its value within a year or so. You’re paying a lot of money for something that’s inherently going to depreciate—and quickly! Buying used is simply smarter, from an investment standpoint.

When you buy used, you still get a reliable car. Just because your vehicle loses its monetary value, that doesn’t mean it loses its durability. In fact, today’s cars and trucks are so well-made that they tend to have a lot of life left in them even after they rack up miles. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to pass the 100,000 mile marker and still run as good as new. So while you may be buying something used, you’re not necessarily buying something that’s past its prime.

You can know exactly what you’re getting into. Buying a pre-owned vehicle may not be as risky as you would imagine. That’s because online resources such as CarFax make it easier than ever before to get a full vehicle history, to know what the car has been through before you commit to it.

You can drive a better car. You may not be able to afford a brand new Mercedes Benz, BMW, or Jaguar—but what if you factor in that slashed price sticker? Suddenly, you may be able to afford the car of your dreams—gently used, but still in good working shape.

Who Buys Used Cars for Cash?

The bottom line: More and more consumers are choosing to buy used—and it’s not difficult to understand why. Learn more about purchasing used vehicles. Contact us at Get My Auto.