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Buying a Used Car? Don’t Forget the Auto Insurance

Buying a Used Car? Don’t Forget the Auto Insurance+GetMyAuto

In most states, it’s required that anyone who owns a motor vehicle have some form of auto insurance—and even if your state doesn’t require it, it’s still something we highly recommend. Auto insurance is a great way to protect yourself from any financial calamities that might come following a highway accident. But what kind of insurance should you buy—and how do you know you’re getting the best deal?

Different Types of Auto Insurance

If only there was one single type of auto insurance—that would be so simple! In reality, there are a number of different options you’ll need to consider. While you don’t necessarily have to have all the coverage listed here, you should definitely think about your risk potential, and make certain you’re not underinsured.

Liability coverage. There are two types of Liability coverage—Bodily and Personal Property. These help pay for damages done to another party’s vehicle, or for injuries the other party sustains, should you be at fault in an accident.

Collision coverage. Collision coverage helps you pay for any repairs to your vehicle, in the event that you hit something—whether it’s another vehicle or just a stop sign.

Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage pays for things that other policies won’t—such as hail damage, car break-ins, etc.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. Should you ever be hit by a driver who doesn’t have any insurance—and thus, doesn’t have any way to pay for damages to your vehicle—this type of coverage will help you out.

Medical coverage. Following an accident, a Medical policy will pay for the medical expenses of you or any passengers in your vehicle who sustain injuries.

Personal Injury Protection. Personal Injury Protection works like Medical coverage, but encompasses much more—such as funeral costs, lost wages, and so forth.

Getting the Best Deal on Auto Insurance

Even after you determine what kind of coverage is right for you, there are still some choices you’re left with—like which auto insurance company is the best fit.

There are a number of places you can turn for a recommendation—including friends and family. Also ask doctors or call around to body shops and personal injury lawyers, to see if they have any insurers they can endorse.

Be sure you shop around, and don’t just accept the first insurance product you see. Also be sure you don’t compare apples and oranges. Company A may offer you a much better price than Company B—but if the coverage is more limited, it may not be the best value.

Finally, take insurance into account as you budget for your next vehicle—and, as always, reach out to Get My Auto if you need help finding the best value on used cars. We’re here to connect you with a reputable used car dealership near you! Contact Get My Auto today!