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Every week, we bring you a new episode of Cruising USA, a Web-based series that asks everyday drivers a simple question: What drives you? In each new installment, we go to the streets of Los Angeles and Huntington Beach, asking the people we meet about their vehicles of choice.

Today, we bring you the real story behind the Ford Fusion, as provided to us by a driver named Zach. We were happy to meet Zach and to hear all about his automobile!

About the Ford Fusion

Zach was excited about his Ford Fusion, and the first thing he cited was the great gas mileage. In addition, Zach praises the car for how easy and smooth it is to drive, and how luxurious the interiors are. He has beautiful, accommodating leather seats, and the vehicle only has 32,000 miles total.

As such, it’s no surprise that the car hasn’t given Zach a single problem or maintenance issue. He says its durability is really key to why he loves it so much.

Zach’s final verdict? “It’s a long-lasting car—and it’s a great deal, too.”

Get the Real Story Behind Cars

Zach is obviously one happy driver—and if what he says sounds appealing, you might want to check into a used Ford Fusion of your own!

Otherwise, tune back in next week, as we’ll bring you a new episode of Cruising USA—and once again get the real story behind cars! Remember, Cruising USA is brought to you by Get My Auto!