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Our weekly Web-based show, Cruising USA, is all about meeting real drivers and asking them what they like or don’t like about their current car. Our goal is to let you hear what makes these different vehicles unique, all from the perspective of everyday motorists just like you.

In our most recent episode, we talked to Adam—a London-born man who now lives in Spain, and who is the proud driver of a BMW X5. It was fun to meet Adam and to hear what he loves so much about his sporty vehicle.

About the BMW X5

Adam told us he bought his X5 brand new off the lot. He bought it almost on a whim, it seems, but has loved every minute of driving it. Adam especially loves the smooth ride, the appealing aesthetics, and the easy drivability. Compared to other luxury cars, Adam says, he really likes the way this one handles.

As for advice to other car buyers, Adam says it’s always worth the extra investment to get the car looked at by a mechanic—a small extra step that can save you from buying a lemon.

Learn More About Cars

And that was that with our chat with Adam. To learn more about cars—or to connect with a used car dealership in your area—reach out to our team at Get My Auto today! And as always, stay tuned for the next new episode of Cruising USA, where you’ll get the real story behind cars.