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To get the real story about America’s most popular cars, you don’t necessarily want to consult the sales copy, or put all your stock in a dealership sales pitch; that can all be informative, but it’s equally helpful to hear actual reviews from everyday drivers. And that’s just what we provide through our Web-based series, Cruising USA.

We bring you a new episode—and a new vehicle—every week. This week, we talked with a gentleman named Sean, who had only good things to say about his BMW.

What’s Behind the BMW?

Sean told us he bought his first BMW a long time ago. He said everything about it just worked well; it was intuitive to drive, incredibly reliable, and consistent in its performance. Sean also noted that there are a lot of ways to modify and personalize your driving experience—reason enough to consider BMWs true luxury vehicles. (As if there was any doubt.)

Overall? Sean gives the BMW experience a “solid eight out of 10.”

What are You Driving?

That’s about it for Sean and his BMW. Our question is, what are you driving—and what do you love about it most? Connect with us on Facebook to let us know—and as always, tune in for the next installment of Cruising USA, only from Get My Auto!