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Get My Auto is back again this week with a brand-new installment of Cruising USA—the Web-based show that takes you behind the scenes of your favorite cars and trucks. In each episode, we talk to everyday drivers about their vehicles of choice, and learn what they like or dislike about them.

For Episode 16, we spent time at Venice Beach, chatting with the owner of a Mitsubishi Lancer. Here’s a quick recap of our conversation.

Should You Buy a Used Mitsubishi Lancer?

The driver we spoke with mentioned a few selling points to the Mitsubishi Lancer:

– Fuel efficiency was first on the list; we were told the vehicle has great gas mileage.
– The driver also mentioned that the drive itself is smooth and steady.
– The car has been reliable, as well, with no big maintenance needs beyond regular oil changes.
– The sporty look and the low price point were also listed as big selling points.

Overall, the review was pretty positive across the board. Our driver was clearly very pleased with her Lancer!

Buying a Used Mitsubishi

Maybe you’d like to drive one, too; to learn more about buying a used Mitsubishi in your area, contact Get My Auto today. And as always, stay tuned for the next episode of Cruising USA, where we’ll get the real story behind another great car!