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Get My Auto is back with a new episode of our weekly, Web-based series, Cruising USA. With each new installment, we bring you a new interview with an everyday driver, giving you their unbiased opinion about their vehicle of choice. Today, we bring you our quick chat with Robert. Here’s what he had to say about his car.

About the Infiniti G37 S

Robert is the proud owner of an Infiniti G37 S. Robert says he chose this car over any other in its class because he wanted a two-door vehicle; he says he gets a lot of compliments on the impressive look of his vehicle. He bought his car slightly used, saving some money while still getting a mint condition ride. He speaks highly of both the power and the handling. A former law enforcement professional, he says he could definitely win a high-speed pursuit in his Infiniti!
Ultimately, Robert says his car is well-built. He has been told that, over time, there are some squeaks and creaking noises that you hear in the cabin, but so far he hasn’t heard anything. Overall, he rates his car an 8.5 out of 10.

Shopping for Used Infinitis

Hear Robert’s full interview in the latest episode of Cruising USA—and, if you’re in the market for your own slightly used Infiniti, reach out to Get My Auto today! We’re happy to connect you with a great local dealer.