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In Cruising USA, the weekly Web-based series from Get My Auto, we present interviews with everyday drivers we encounter at Venice Beach. We ask them what they’re driving, and get their real, off-the-cuff reviews of their vehicles of choice. This week, we’re happy to present an interview with Oliver, who was in town all the way from London.

Back in London, Oliver drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI—and he was happy to tell us all about it.

About the VW Golf GTI

Oliver is a big fan of his Golf. He says it’s small and fast. The one downside? It gets fairly poor fuel economy, due to its 2-Liter turbo engine. Other than that, though, there’s much that he loves about his car—the handling, the smooth ride, and more.

Oliver chose the Golf because VW is such a reputable manufacturer, and because he loved the car’s sporty appearance. He rates his car an eight out of 10 and would recommend it to his friends.

Buying a Used Volkswagen

Whether you’re driving here in the US or over in the UK, make sure you look into the VW Golf—and to learn more about used cars and trucks, keep watching Cruising USA, only from Get My Auto!