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We’re back with a fresh, hot episode of Cruising USA, the Web-based series where we bring you real stories from everyday drivers—letting you hear more about all your favorite cars and trucks. This week, we headed to Venice Beach where we spoke with Chandler, the proud owner of a 2008 BMW Coupe.

Here’s what Chandler had to tell us about his ride of choice.

Reviewing the 2008 BMW

Chandler praises the interiors of his vehicle, which he says look really nice. The black exterior, he says, is merely okay. Chandler has 120,000 miles on his BMW, which he says is “pushing it a little,” though for a 10-year-old car, it’s really not so bad. It’s still driving well, even with all those miles.

For those looking to buy a BMW, Chandler says to test drive first and see how it handles. For him, the handling is his favorite thing about the car. On a scale of one to 10, Chandler rates his BMW an 8.5.

Find a Used BMW of Your Own

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