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On Cruising USA, we have the joy of chatting with drivers from around the world and asking them about what they like and don’t like about their vehicle of choice. This week, we got to talk with Courtney, from Sydney, Australia, who told us all about her Mazda 2.

About the Mazda 2

Courtney told us that the Mazda, though a small car, offers a nice, smooth drive. She’s had hers since 2013 and says it’s great on fuel economy. She just replaced the brakes, but other than that she’s not had to do any serious maintenance whatsoever. The interiors are comfortable, though not necessarily flashy.

She bought her Mazda 2 brand new and chose it because she was looking for something small but elegant. She test drove it, liked it, and has enjoyed it ever since. She had no regrets, though next time she’ll probably look for something slightly bigger. Courtney rates her car an eight out of 10.

Looking for a Used Mazda?

Thanks again to Courtney for telling us all about her Mazda 2! If you like what Courtney had to say, and want to test drive a Mazda for yourself, reach out to Get My Auto today. We’d love to put you in touch with a reputable local used Mazda dealership. Call now to schedule your test drive!