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Cruising USA is Get My Auto’s weekly Web series where we try to bring you the real story behind cars. Here’s how it works: Our roving reporters head to the street and talk with real-life motorists about their vehicles of choice. That way, you can get past the sales jargon and get honest feedback from people just like you.

In the most recent episode of Cruising USA, we saw a handful of impressive vehicles—all of them big, more on the rugged side of things. Here’s what we learned.

2016 Jeep Wrangler

Our first driver was Jake, and he was getting into a yellow 2016 Jeep Wrangler. It looked to us like the perfect ride for stowing some surfboards, though Jake told us he wasn’t much of a surfer. What he does use his Wrangler for is fishing trips with his buddies. The Jeep’s spaciousness comes in handy, and Jake shared some fun memories with us of trips he’s taken in his Jeep—including one noteworthy Spring Break expedition.

2011 Ford F-150

Next, we spoke with Bob and Lisa, who were in town from Milwaukee. Bob told us the truck isn’t quite as roomy as he’d like, but he does love the four-wheel drive. The two of them do a lot of traveling, including to rugged parts of Wyoming, and so far, their pickup has really served them well!

2014 Ford F-150

We ended the episode with still another Ford F-150, albeit a slightly newer one. Its drivers—who hail from Las Vegas—said their favorite thing about the truck was its safety features. Certainly, that’s one of the big selling points of Ford’s best-selling truck model!

And that’s that—another episode in the books! Tune in to Cruising USA every week to learn the real story behind cars!