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Every week, the Get My Auto crew brings you a new episode of Cruising USA, the Web-based show where we talk to drivers and learn what they love about their cars. This week, we’ve got a special one for you: Our correspondents went to Venice Beach, California, where a gentleman named Michael told us all about his Porsche Boxster S!

Here’s what we learned.

Porsche Boxster S: Quick Overview

The Boxster is, of course, a beautiful luxury vehicle. For a long time, Michael was driving an SUV, just so that he could haul skis and other equipment—but he found himself using it so infrequently, he decided to spring for the car he’d always had his heart set on. Enter the Porsche!

We asked Michael why he picked this over other luxury vehicles. “A couple of things,” he told us. “I think it’s one of the few soft top convertibles that looks as good with the top up as it does down, which was a really big thing for me.”

Continued Michael, “I did a lot of research and also found that it has a front trunk and a back trunk, so even though it’s just a two-seater I can still fit enough stuff in the front and the back if I need to.”

Michael also told us that he loves how his Boxster drives—and would eagerly recommend it to a friend.

Looking for a Used Car?

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