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In each episode of Cruising USA—our weekly Web series—we take you to the streets of Los Angeles, where we talk with average motorists and ask about their vehicles of choice. Our aim is simple: We want to get the real story behind cars, and to determine what people like about their cars and trucks.

In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Melanie—and Melanie had many good things to say about her 2014 Volkswagen Jetta. Here’s a summary of her remarks.

Behind the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta

To start, Melanie told us her Jetta has special significance to her: It was given to her as a gift from her dad. She says it fits her personality, though—it’s straightforward and no-nonsense. In addition, Melanie praised its spaciousness, telling us she’s always able to fit her friends in the car.

Melanie went on to say that she hasn’t had any maintenance issues with her Jetta—nothing beyond the standard oil change, anyway. If she has any complaint, it’s just that her vehicle doesn’t quite have all the fancy electronic fixings you’d find on a 2017 Jetta. All in all, though, Melanie is definitely a happy driver!

Get More Behind-the-Scenes Car Stories

Obviously, if you’re in the market for a used Jetta, Melanie would recommend it. Otherwise, tune in again next week when Get My Auto brings you another real-life story of cars, in the next installment of Cruising USA!