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Finding the Best Used Car Dealerships in Southern California

Finding the Best Used Car Dealerships in Southern California

Believe it or not, Southern California is one of the best places in the country to shop for used cars. As major metropolitan areas sprawl across the California landscape, individuals are increasingly seeking affordable ways to get around—and dealerships are more than happy to accommodate, providing amazing value that new car showrooms, let alone public transportation services, cannot ultimately match.

As you look for a used car in Southern California, it is important to seek a reputable dealership. Buying from a private party exposes you to higher-than-acceptable levels of risk, and California’s consumer protection laws won’t do as much to help you here. Likewise, note that not all used car dealerships are created equal. It’s critical to do some homework and find the ones that have reputations for integrity.

Ah, but which Southern California used car dealerships are the best ones, and how do you know for sure? One good resource is Yelp, where consumer reviews will point you toward the most trustworthy dealerships. We’ve sourced Yelp to find some of the most recommendable dealerships in four major areas—Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Inland Empire. Summaries of our findings are printed below.

Best Used Car Dealers in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to find a good dealership in the City of Angeles, these are the ones that Yelp users most thoroughly recommend:

Used Cars Los Angeles
Win Motors
Trade-In Solutions
Beverley Hills Unique Sports Cars
Blvd Motorcars
Auto Ave

Best Used Car Dealers in Orange County

For those looking for the best used car dealerships in the broader Orange County area, meanwhile, here are some of the region’s finest, as voted by Yelp users:

CarMart, LLC
Tustin Mazda
Hertz Car Sales Costa Mesa
OC Autosource
DriveSmart Motors
The Car Store

Best Used Car Dealers in San Diego

San Diego is another city with a lot of reliable dealerships to recommend. According to Yelp users, these are the ones you should look at first:

Cyrus Auto Sales
Prime Auto Imports
San Diego Auto Finder
Branco Motors
Mirage Auto Sales
My Ride Motors

Best Used Car Dealers in Inland Empire

Finally, of course, we come to Inland Empire, where those seeking reliable used car dealerships will find many to choose from. Here are Yelp’s top six:

Acura of Riverside
Dutton Motor Company
Riverside Premier Motors
Enterprise Car Sales
Walter’s Alfa Romeo and FIAT

Clearly, Southern California has no shortage of places to buy used automobiles, no matter which town you happen to be in. Just make sure you do your research and find a dealership that truly offers you service, quality, and integrity. If you would like us to connect you to one of the dealerships we work with, we would be happy to do so. Just reach out to Get My Auto at your next convenience.