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Here at Get My Auto, we love spotlighting the latest and greatest innovations in the automotive world—and today, we turn our attention to the 2017 BMW M3.

Redefining Performance with the 2017 BMW M3

Since its inception, the iconic M3 has truly embodied the very soul of motorsports, and it continues to redefine the limits of performance. As is customary for the M3, the new iteration boasts a 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine—but for the first time ever, it’s coupled with twin turbo chargers that are high pressured and lag free. Not only does this save you weight; it increases performance.

As a result, you have an additional 111 foot-pounds of torque. This enables the M3 to scale 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, and it keeps you going with 425 horsepower—or up to 444 when you upgrade to the M Competition package. As for top speed, BMW promises 155 MPH; we’ve actually seen it go faster, and can only assume that BMW is trying to under-promise and over-deliver.

Driving the 2017 BMW M3

Overall, the ride is both fun and agile, and that’s due to the standard adaptive M suspension and the active M differentials. The electric motor will distribute the power between all the wheels and shift it wheel-to-wheel when cornering, thereby decreasing the chances of understeering.

Of course, drivers will also want to have the best brakes. The M3 features the M6 piston calipers along with cross-drilled ceramic rotors, allowing you to brake on a dime. The car has phenomenal power-to-weight ratio, sitting at a little over 35,000 pounds. To help reduce that weight, the vehicle is made with an all-aluminum hood; the pure carbon fiber roof is an optional add-on, and a really nice perk.

And what about the interior? You have clear visibility, intuitive controls, and a sporty ambiance; if you upgrade to the Executive Package, you’re looking at even more luxury amenities. Coming standard with a 6-speed manual transmission, you can upgrade to a 7-speed dual clutch, an automatic with paddle ships.

Buying a 2017 BMW M3 in Orange County

So how much does this ultimate driving machine cost you? You’re looking at minimum $64,000, and potentially more than $80,000—just depending on which trim and which add-ons you spring for.

Here’s something to remember, then: This car became iconic based on the success of its predecessors. As such, you can definitely find a slightly older M3 used here in Southern California, getting a lot of power and performance for a lot less money.

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