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Every week, Get My Auto gives you the real story behind America’s most popular cars, in a Web series we call Cruising USA.

The setup is simple: We go out and talk to actual drivers about the vehicles they’re getting around in. We ask what they like about their cars, what some of their favorite automotive memories are, and whether they’d ultimately recommend that car to others.

It’s our way of giving you the real scoop—what everyday vehicle owners think about these cars and trucks.

And, as is our custom, we have a recap of the most recent episode—a quick synopsis of each of the cars we saw in episode 6.

2006 Chevrolet Impala

The first driver we met, Alexis, was getting into her 2006 Chevy Impala—a bit of an older vehicle, but Alexis likes it just the same.

“It’s really reliable,” she told us. “It gets really good gas mileage. And I like black and black leather, it’s really nice.”

Alexis mentioned that she’d love to drive a BMW one day, but they’re a little on the expensive side—so for now, her Chevy works just fine!

2014 GMC Sierra

We talked to another driver who was enthusiastic about his GMC, which he says is not only reliable, but spacious.

Specifically, he said he hauls around his dirt bikes and snowmobiles, even attaching a camper sometimes—and that the GMC gives him consistently strong fuel economy no matter what he’s towing.

The Real Story Behind Cars and Trucks

We spoke with a Jeep owner, too, who was excited about cargo space and long-distance reliability—both of which seemed to be a theme in this episode of Cruising USA. Certainly, we hope you found it to be helpful—and that you’ll tune in for next week’s episode of the show, only via Get My Auto!