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How to Buy a Used Hybrid Car

It may be difficult to remember now, but it really wasn’t so long ago that hybrid car technology was rare; only a few auto makers pursued it, and many industry experts warned that it would never catch on. Well, in 2017, a good many auto makers have hybrid cars and even hybrid SUVs; some of these models are big sellers, and they’re certainly not in danger of going anywhere any time soon.

Maybe you’re only now considering a hybrid vehicle of your own—and maybe you want to get it for the best possible price. But what do you need to know about buying a used hybrid car? Are there any special considerations to make when looking for a pre-owned hybrid vehicle?

Should I Buy a Used Hybrid Car?

Generally speaking, buying a used hybrid isn’t that different from buying a non-hybrid. The one thing you might want to consider is that, in hybrids, battery life is a big concern—and that’s because battery packs themselves are quite expensive, often exceeding $3,000.

The good news is that battery life for most hybrids should be fine well past the 100,000 mile mark—and battery technology is improving all the time. Even so, it’s not impossible to end up with a bad battery, so you’ll want to ask plenty of questions and make sure you know the basic battery age and life expectations.

As with any used vehicle you’re looking to purchase, we recommend getting a full vehicle history. So long as you know the VIN of the car you’re investigating, you should be able to acquire one easily—and in fact, you can usually get a vehicle history from the dealer. This is a good way to ensure that the hybrid you’re looking into doesn’t come with a history of problems.

How Much Do Used Hybrid Cars Cost?

Another common question about hybrids: How much do they cost? Of course it can vary, but as with any car, you can expect used ones to be inexpensive. In fact, some used hybrids may be sharply discounted from the initial sticker price, which itself may not be as high as you think. Of course, we recommend using resources such as Kelley Blue Book to make an informed decision about the value of the hybrid in question.

Used Hybrid Dealerships Near Me

The final word of advice we will offer about buying a used hybrid is that the best place to do so is at a reputable used car dealership—one where you can easily check Yelp reviews and ensure a reputation for honesty and integrity. This is simply a safer bet than buying from a private party.

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