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How to Find the Right Used Car for You

How to Find the Right Used Car for You GetMyAuto

When it comes to choosing your next vehicle, you don’t want to settle for the first half-decent car you come across. Your vehicle is supposed to be an investment that lasts you a few years, and it’s likely something you’ll use more or less every day, so picking the right car for you is essential.

With that said, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer array of options out there. Here are some tips for narrowing down your selection, and for ultimately landing on a car that’s just the right match for you and your family.

Choosing the Car That’s a Perfect Match

Start by Assessing Your Needs

Before you do anything else—before you make a showroom appointment, before you even start reading online reviews—we recommend pausing to take an inventory of your needs. What do you really have to have in a new vehicle? Here are some questions that will get you started.

  • How many passengers will you be carrying?
  • Do you have a long commute each day, and if so, is fuel economy a top priority?
  • Do you live in an area where all-wheel-drive would be helpful?
  • What are the most important safety features for you and your family?
  • What amenities or comforts are essential for you? (e.g., do you simply have to have heated seats, or would you be just as happy without them?)
  • How much cargo space do you need?
  • Will you need to put children’s car seats in the vehicle?

Spend some time reflecting on how your vehicle will be used, what aspects are most important to you, and what you ultimately need to be happy with your next vehicle.

Make Financial Decisions

The next step is to work out the finances—specifically:

  • How will you finance the car? Do you have enough money to pay in cash—and if so, what’s the hard limit on your budget?
  • How much can you afford to budget for your car each month—in terms of fuel, maintenance, insurance, and car payment (if applicable)?

These issues will help you narrow down how much car you can actually afford.

Read Reviews

Now you’re ready to start researching specific makes and models—and the best way to do so is to read online reviews and find out which vehicles meet your criteria.

Note: When you find a vehicle that you really like, do some research into other vehicles in that same class. You may find something that meets your needs just as well but is even more affordable.

Do Due Diligence

Once you’re actually at the dealership looking at a specific car, take the time to ensure it’s a high-quality, well-maintained vehicle.

  • Request a complete vehicle history report.
  • Take it for an extended test drive.
  • If you are unsure in any way, ask to take it to an independent mechanic for an inspection.

With these tips, you can make sure your next car or truck is the right choice for you. And, to find a dealership that fits your needs, reach out to Get My Auto directly.