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How to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

How to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized-GetMyAuto

Most of us struggle to keep our vehicles clean. If you have kids, it’s a foregone conclusion that your upholstery will take some damage, and your floorboards will be littered with Cheerios and Goldfish. Even those who don’t cart kids around are prone to letting trash and debris accumulate.

Driving around in a yucky, cluttered car really isn’t fun, though. The good news is that it is possible to break the cycle and keep your vehicle neat and tidy. Here are some tips for making it happen.

Keeping Your Car Clean and Neat

  • Develop a routine. Set aside half an hour or so each month to clean out your car. Write it in your planner or add it to your Google Calendar. Ultimately, cars don’t stay clean unless you take the time to clean them.
  • Wipe down your surfaces. Here’s a secret: You can keep the hard surfaces of your vehicle looking shiny and new, and you can do it with plain ol’ baby wipes. There’s no need to spring for the expensive auto wipes.
  • Clean the carpets. In addition to wiping down the surfaces, also add carpet cleaning to your maintenance checklist. Let’s be real: All of us eat in the car, and keeping up with crumbs is tough. Remove the floor mats and vacuum everything out. A shop vac can work really well.
  • Take care of the cup holders. Do you have old coffee cups that have been taking up space in your cup holders for weeks? Toss ‘em, then clean out all that gunk that sticks to the inside of the cup holder. Baby wipes may work; if not, a Q-tip with cleaning solution on the end can be a good alternative.
  • Add a trash can to your car. There’s no reason not to include a small container for depositing trash. Just make sure you empty it regularly!
  • Invest in some auto organizers. If you have kids, in particular, a good auto organizer can help you keep your equipment looking neat and tidy—whether that’s baby wipes, tissues, books, DVDs, or whatever else you keep in your vehicle.
  • Buy food containers. If you do have kids, you may want to invest in some food containers that can be used for snacking—for example, little caddies where you can provide apples and dips, fries and ketchup, etc., minimizing the risk of spills and other messes.
  • Organize your documents. Where do you keep your title and registration information? How about the owner’s manual? Guaranties or receipts from your tire company? Make sure you keep all important documents somewhere they are safe and accessible. Usually, the glove box is best.

With these tips, it is possible to keep your car looking its best. That makes it more fun to drive, but it can also enhance the vehicle’s value—so don’t hesitate! Try out some of these car care tips today.