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How to Take Care of Your Vehicle This Summer

How to Take Care of Your Vehicle This Summer GetMyAuto

It’s important to take care of your vehicle all year long—but the dog days of summer bring some particular concerns. They are largely due to the heat, which can force your automobile to work extra hard as it gets you from place to place. Make sure you’re mindful of that and give your car the extra TLC it needs. Here’s how.

Summer Car Care Tips

Check your oil levels every month

Do you know the role that motor oil plays? One of the primary reasons you put oil in your car is because it prevents against your engine overheating. That’s an especially big concern during summertime, when your engine may go through more oil than normal. Some tips:

  • Once a month, use the dipstick to check your oil level.
  • If your engine is low on oil, make a service appointment ASAP.
  • Also check to see if the oil appears dark or dirty. (It should be amber- or honey-colored.) If so, again, make an appointment at your local service center.

Check your tire pressure

Something else you should keep an eye on is tire pressure. Once a month, use a pressure gauge to ensure that your tires are at the manufacturer-recommended psi level. You can find this information in your vehicle owner’s manual. Driving on underinflated tires can lead to tire or wheel damage, and there’s an increased risk of that in the summer.

Take care of your cooling system

Your vehicle has a cooling system that prevents it from getting too hot; this is an important system for averting engine failure. The summer season puts it through its paces, so make sure you have it flushed out on a regular basis. If you haven’t had your cooling system flushed recently, now’s a good time to make a service appointment! Also be sure your coolant levels are sufficient.

Be mindful of your battery

The summer season is notorious for causing battery failure. There are a couple of reasons for this—overheating, and internal friction. You can’t do much about the heat, but you can make sure your battery is securely mounted. If you’re not experienced handling a car battery, this may be something you should leave to your service professionals.

Keep it clean

Finally, just make sure you’re cleaning out the interior of your vehicle every couple of weeks and washing down the exteriors routinely. This isn’t summer-specific, but it’s always wise to keep your car looking its best. Vehicle cleanliness is the first step toward proper car upkeep.

Care for Your Car This Summer

No matter what kind of car you drive, proper maintenance is mandatory for ensuring a peak performance and an optimal lifespan. And during the grueling months of summer, that maintenance is especially necessary.

Be sure you keep up with all the auto maintenance steps listed here. Connect with a local service center if you have questions. And finally, follow Get My Auto on Facebook and Twitter for more car care tips throughout the year!