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Is Your Car Getting the Right Preventative Maintenance?

Is Your Car Getting the Right Preventative Maintenance GetMyAuto

Every vehicle owner wants to extend the lifespan of their car or truck for as long as possible—and to ensure optimal engine performance along the way. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure your car gets the preventative maintenance that it needs, regularly taking it in to the service center of your choice.

But what kind of preventative maintenance does your vehicle need? Here’s a brief guide to some of the most important vehicle maintenance tasks.

Change Your Oil and Filters

Oil lubricates your engine, prevents it from overheating, and effectively helps your car run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Without regular oil and filter changes, everyday wear and tear will do irreparable damage to your engine. So how often should you get your oil changed? As often as the vehicle manufacturer directs. Consult your owner’s manual for specifics.

Rotate Your Tires

All of your tires go through regular wear, but some may take more damage than others, simply due to their positioning on the vehicle. Ensure even wear, and extend the life and performance of your tires, by rotating your tires regularly. We recommend a tire rotation every six months or so. You can also just get a rotation every time you’re in for an oil change.

Balance and Align Your Wheels

Balancing and aligning your wheels is another way to ensure even weight distribution, and it prevents your tires from wobbling or bumping as you drive down the road. We recommend having this done every six months. Again, you can save yourself some time by having it done along with your tire rotation and other routine maintenance tasks.

Install New Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are important safety features, helping you see where you’re going even in inclement weather. Over time, though, your wipers will wear down, and they can start to leave streaks and smears. We recommend having them replaced on a routine basis, once or twice a year. This is something you can probably do yourself, simply by watching a YouTube tutorial or two, though your service techs will also be happy to help.

Replace Other Filters

In addition to your oil filters, we also recommend changing out the air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter. How often? Again, check your owner’s manual for specifics, or simply ask your service techs for their recommendation.

Take Care of Your Vehicle with the Right Preventative Maintenance

When you stay on top of these maintenance tasks, it minimizes the risk of any major repair needs for your vehicle, and helps your car run smoother for longer.

To learn more about all things automotive, make sure you keep tabs on the Get My Auto blog—and as always, contact us directly with any questions.