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Keep Your Children Safe in the Car

Keep Your Children Safe in the Car GetMyAuto

Getting a new family vehicle—whether it’s truly “new” or it’s used—can be exciting. It also comes with some minor worries: You obviously want to ensure that your kids are as safe as can be as they ride in the vehicle, and that might take some preparation.

It goes without saying that little ones should always use the appropriate car seats, boosters, and/or seatbelts, depending on their age and size. Beyond that, what should parents be doing to keep their kids secure?

Ensuring a Safe Ride for Your Kids

A few important tips include:

  • Make sure that car seat is installed safely. If the car seat isn’t installed properly, it won’t actually keep your child safe—and statistics reveal that most car seats actually aren’t installed the way they ought to be. One way you can be extra certain is to visit with a certified car seat technician near you. Often, local fire departments can help with this; you can also do a quick Google search to explore your nearby options.
  • Read the safety instructions that come with your car seat. Make sure you know how your child should be positioned in the seat, and also how long you need to have your child in that seat. Don’t graduate to a new car seat until it’s appropriate to do so!
  • Never leave your child alone in the car. Not even if you’re just running into the store for two minutes. There are just too many dangers—not the least of which is oppressive heat.
  • Make sure loose items in your trunk are tied down. If your car stops abruptly, it can send those loose items flying into the air like projectiles. They can do real damage and cause real injury, so do what you can to avoid this possibility.
  • Practice safe driving in general. Finally, and broadly speaking, it’s important simply to be wise in how you operate the vehicle—and that includes following traffic laws, choosing a reasonable speed, and ensuring that you have your vehicle services regularly (take care of your car and it will take care of you).

Another Important Step? Choose the Right Vehicle

Finally, you can keep yourself and your family safe by picking a reliable, well-maintained vehicle that’s been rated well for overall performance, as well as key safety features. The best way to find one? Meet with a used car dealer in your areas. Contact Get My Auto today, and we’ll get you in touch with one!