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Orange County Car Show Events

Anaheim - USA - October 15, 2015: Audi TTS on display. during Orange County International Auto Show.

Car culture is alive and well, in America generally and in Southern California, in particular. In fact, there are myriad car show events coming up throughout the rest of the summer, among them many great Orange County car show events. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to show off your own vehicle or simply take in the sights of classic auto design, your opportunities are truly abundant.

In this post, we’ll try to connect you with some good calendars of upcoming auto show events, and also provide some general tips and expectations for those who are visiting an auto show for the very first time.

Orange County Car Shows for 2016

How plentiful are auto shows in Orange County? Plentiful enough that we can’t list them all here, simply due to space restrictions. What we can do is provide some handy event calendars that will make it easy for you to find car shows near you.

Social Car Culture has a lengthy, expansive lineup of car shows coming to Orange County throughout the rest of the summer and on into the tail end of 2016.
California Car Shows website also has some useful event details.
Car Show Finder also has some events to consider, and is updated regularly—making this a good site to bookmark!

As you can see, there are always car shows going on in Orange County—but what do you need to know before you plan to attend one of them?

Tips for Attending a Car Show

Here are just a few tips for cat show rookies:

Plan ahead. This may surprise you, but many car shows will have hundreds of vehicles on display, making it quite difficult for you to see all of them. The sheer level of variety can be overwhelming, but you can keep your head on straight by composing a list of the cars you most want to see before you go to the show. At most car shows, similar makes/models will be grouped together.
Allot plenty of time for the event. Attending a car show can very easily become an all-day event. You’ll want to schedule at least three hours to be there, unless it’s a very small car show; even then, you may not be able to see everything you’d like. Car shows are not quick “pop-in” events!
Wear comfy shoes and clothing. Remember, you’ll be walking around and potentially climbing into vehicles throughout the day. Dress for movement.
Bring the family with you! Believe it or not, auto shows aren’t just for mechanics, collectors, or “nerds.” They’re usually very inclusive, family-friendly events. Even your kids may find something they’re really excited about.

Orange County Car Shows in the Past

Of course, maybe you’ve been to an Orange County car show in the past, and know roughly what to expect. That’s all the more reason for you to check out the event calendars listed above—and to make plans to attend the next show in your neck of California.