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Every week, Get My Auto brings you another episode of our Web series Cruising USA, where we talk to real motorists about the cars they’re driving. These are real people with real reviews—and they provide you with the honest story behind some of America’s most popular vehicles!

This week, Cruising USA was once again in Downtown L.A. and the Huntington Beach area, where we had some fun conversations with a few very friendly drivers.

2017 Honda Accord Sport

The first driver we talked with was David, who was pretty enthusiastic about his brand new Honda Accord Sport.

“It’s comfortable,” David explained to us. “It holds up nice. It looks good. You know I like it, I do enjoy it.” He went on to tell us that the fuel efficiency is amazing, and that he’d recommend the Honda Accord Sport to anyone.

2012 Chevrolet Traverse

From there we spoke with Gail, who was driving a 2012 Chevy Traverse. What Gail loved most about her vehicle was the space it had in it for passengers—including some very special family members.

“It holds seven people and I have a sister that lives in Australia with grandkids; when they come we all can fit in one car,” Gail told us.

2014 Honda Odyssey

Passenger room was a recurring theme with the drivers we spoke to for Episode 2; we also encountered a family of six, and they were loving their Honda minivan.

“It really drives smooth,” the motorist told us. “I love my minivan. Actually this the second one that I’ve owned. And the kids don’t want any other car but the minivan.”

2005 Toyota Tacoma

We also met the drivers of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma—one of America’s top pickup trucks. And they had plenty of positive things to say about it. Even after driving it for more than a decade, they told us the truck still runs reliably; “It’s running good,” they confirmed.

More Cars on Cruising USA

As our journey continued, we met the drivers of a Dodge Charger, a Subaru Crosstrek, and a Kia Optima—and all of them had effusive things to say about their vehicles of choice. If there is any one thing we learned from this installment of the show, it’s that there are so many great cars on the road today—truly, one to fit every need.

You can learn more about America’s best cars in every episode of Cruising USA; and, to buy a vehicle of your own, you can always reach out directly to our team at Get My Auto! Based in Orange County, our mission is to help drivers find their perfect used vehicle.