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Every week, Get My Auto presents a new edition of Cruising USA—the show all about cars, and the people who drive them. Every episode brings you a new interview with a normal, everyday motorist, where you get to hear what they drive, what they like about their car, and what they wish they’d known before purchasing it.
Today, we’ve got a quick summary of Episode 23—where we interviewed a driver named Anna, the proud owner of a Levante Maserati. Here’s what she told us about it.

About the Levante Maserati

Anna has owned her Maserati SUV for about four or five months now. She bought it brand new, and it’s in beautiful condition. She chose her car after test driving it, where she fell in love with its speed, its comfort, and its generous array of features.
Anna test drove a couple of other cars, including a Volvo, before landing on the Maserati—and she has no regrets about the choice she made. The suspension, which allows you to put the car very high or very low, is her favorite feature.
Anna rates her car a perfect 10 out of 10.

Buying a Used Maserati

Ready to test drive your own Maserati? We’d love to help you track one down. Reach out to Get My Auto to connect to a local used car dealership, where you can find the used Maserati of your dreams. And as always, keep watching for more episodes of Cruising USA!