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We’re here with a new installment of Cruising USA, the weekly video series where we speak with everyday drivers and ask them about their vehicles of choice. For today’s episode, we spoke with Greg, the driver of a 2001 BMW 325I.

Used 2001 BMW 325i Review

Greg has owned the vehicle since 2004 and describes it as a great vehicle where nothing goes wrong; he’s taken care of it, and it’s not given him any problems at all. Right now, he’s at the 180,000 mile-marker, and it runs as well as ever.

The BMW stands out from other luxury vehicles because it’s so easy to work on, Greg says. It’s easy for him to make repairs himself, which he doesn’t think he could do with other vehicles. Overall, Greg rates his car a nine out of 10, and recommends BMWs to anyone.

Buying a Used BMW

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