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We’re back with a new installment of Cruising USA, the series where we bring you the real story behind America’s favorite cars and trucks. For our 30th episode we headed to Venice Beach where we spoke with a motorist named Aaron. He was eager to tell us about his Volkswagen GTI Hatchback.

Reviewing the Volkswagen GTI

Aaron is a musician, and the reason he opted for the hatchback was so that he’d have plenty of space to haul around his gear. There are a number of other things he likes about the vehicle, as well—for example, Aaron praises his VW’s comfort; he says it’s fun to drive around; and it looks sharp. The car’s spaciousness is also a big selling point.

The gas mileage, Aaron says, is “not terrible,” though also not amazing. He has no real complaints about the car, however.

Getting a Used VW

If you’re interested in a VW of your own, we’d love to hook you up with a used one. Reach out to Get My Auto to connect with a reputable used car dealership in your area. And, as always, keep your eyes open for the next episode of Cruising USA!