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Every week, Get My Auto presents a new episode of Cruising USA, our Web-based series that gives you the real story behind your favorite cars. This week, we headed to Venice Beach to chat with Justin, the proud owner of a pair of BMWs. Here’s everything Justin had to tell us.

Reviewing Used BMWs

Justin told us that he is the proud owner of a couple of BMWs—a BMW 545 and a BMW 325. He loves both, but says the 325 is his everyday vehicle. The 545, meanwhile, is his weekend ride, with a V-8 engine to give it some extra oomph and recliner seats to add comfort.

According to Justin, the best thing about his BMW 545 is the interior, which stands out above every other car he’s ever driven, and the handling, which he says is remarkable. Justin bought his BMW 545 used, with 110,000 miles, and says it’s been totally worth it. He has not had to replace anything on the car or do any major maintenance. Justin recommends his BMW 545 highly!

Buying a Used BMW

If you’re curious to test drive a used BMW, we invite you to contact Get My Auto, where we’d love to put you in touch with a reputable local dealership. And as always, keep watching Cruising USA to get the real story behind cars!