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Each and every week, Get My Auto presents a new episode of Cruising USA, the online series where we give you the real scoop about cars. For Episode 34, we headed to Venice Beach to chat with Allie, who happened to be visiting California all the way from London. He was eager to tell us all about his Ford Focus Diesel, his ride of choice whenever he’s back home in the UK.

About the Ford Focus Diesel

Allie told us that he initially bought the diesel model for the improved fuel economy—though as diesel prices have risen, it’s more or less evened out. Allie bought the car because it’s safe and it’s cheap to run. He got his car used, and it’s treated him well—he’s driven it for six years and not had any real problems with it until recently.

Allie’s Focus has 135,000 miles on it and he feels like it’s just starting to reach the end of its life; the clutch has been acting up, and Allie plans to scrap it. With that said, the car has been good to him, and he does recommend the Ford Focus overall.

If you’re interested in owning a Ford Focus like Allie’s, we’d love to help you find one—for a great price. Contact Get My Auto today and let us connect you with a reputable local dealership. And as always, keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of Cruising USA.