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Each week, Cruising USA brings you an on-the-street interview with a real driver, and allows you to get the first-hand scoop on America’s favorite cars and trucks. This week, the Get My Auto team proudly presents our interview with Sonny, who told us all about his Toyota Camry!

About the Toyota Camry

Sonny has been leasing his Camry since 2014. He points to several things he likes about the car, including reliability and fuel economy. The only criticism he offers is that his Camry isn’t as comfortable as he’d like. Sonny has leather seats, which are fine, but the seats themselves are a little awkward to sit in. With that said, Sonny does credit his Camry for offering surprisingly great leg room!

Are You in the Market for a Toyota Camry?

If you’d like to see for yourself what Sonny is talking about, we invite you to test drive a used Toyota Camry today. Contact Get My Auto, and we’ll hook you up with a reputable dealership in your area. And as always, stay tuned for further episodes of Cruising USA!