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Every week, Get My Auto presents a new episode of Cruising USA—the show where we talk with real vehicle owners and ask them about their cars or trucks of choice. Our goal is to let you hear unfiltered takes on some of America’s most popular vehicles, and perhaps to help you in choosing your own next vehicle.

Today, we’ve got a good one for you—an interview with Alexandria, who hails from Norway. Back home, Alexandria drives an electric BMW i3, and she was eager to tell us all about it.

About the BMW i3

When asked why she chose an electric vehicle, Alexandria said it was actually a more affordable option—plus, it’s better for the environment. Her BMW gives her a great ride, including powerful acceleration. She likes the i3 over other electric vehicles because it looks cool and because it’s much more affordable than something like a Tesla. Additionally, the doors open at different angles, which she enjoys.

In terms of the interior, Alexandria says her car has all the bells and whistles—right down to the luxurious leather seats. She compares it to a sports car.

Overall, she recommends her BMW to everyone—so if you’d like to test-drive an i3 of your own, give us a call! Get My Auto can connect you to a local used car dealership where you can find just the right car for you. Learn more by contacting us directly—and as always, keep tuning in for Cruising USA!