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We’re back this week with the 40th episode of Cruising USA—the Web series where we give you the real story behind cars. Today, we have an interview with Daniel, the driver of a 2013 Ford Fiesta. He was proud to tell us all about his cool ride!

Reviewing the 2013 Ford Fiesta

Daniel chose the Fiesta for a number of reasons—because he wanted something light and nimble; he desired a car with good fuel economy; and finally, he needed a vehicle that was affordable. Daniel also loves the way his car handles and says the performance has been stellar. In terms of gas mileage, he says his Fiesta delivers, and what he really likes about it is its compact size, which makes it an easy vehicle to park in tight Los Angeles parking lots!

If you’re interested in test driving a used Ford Fiesta like Daniel’s, we’d love to arrange that. Contact Get My Auto today, and we’ll happily connect you with a reputable dealership right here in Orange County. And, as always, stay tuned for more installments of Cruising USA!