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We’re back this week with the 44th episode of Cruising USA—the show where we give you the real story behind cars and trucks. This week, we had the good fortune of chatting with Kyle, who was ready to tell us all about his well-loved 2000 Ford Explorer.

Behind the 2000 Ford Explorer

Kyle admits that he didn’t do a lot of research before buying this car. He had a family member who was selling it for an amazing price, so Kyle bought it, back when it had practically no mileage on it. Kyle has had the vehicle for about a year or so, and in that time has not had to do much in the way of maintenance. He did buy new tires for his Explorer, and has been happy with the gas mileage he’s gotten—roughly 21 miles per gallon, not bad for a vehicle so large.

Kyle recommends the Ford Explorer with zero hesitation. If you’re interested in owning a Ford of your own, we invite you to contact Get My Auto today, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a reputable local dealership. Call today and tune in for the next episode of Cruising USA.