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Every week, Get My Auto presents a new episode of Cruising USA—the show where we give you the behind-the-scenes story about America’s favorite cars. This week, we went to Huntington Beach where we met the proud owner of a Toyota Tundra—and here are some of the things we learned.

Quick Facts About the Toyota Tundra

Our driver chose the Toyota Tundra because it’s got plenty of room in the back, and makes it easy to tote surf boards to the beach. In addition, we learned that the Tundra is simply a reliable truck; we were told that Toyotas “just keep running,” and our driver has never had any engine problems or performance issues.

The driver also cited the fact that the truck feels safe, and that sitting up so high off the ground is a great feeling.

As for downsides, we learned that the truck only gets around 17 miles per gallon—less than advertised, perhaps, but still not bad for a massive pickup truck.

Test Drive a Used Toyota Tundra

If any of that sounds appealing to you, we’d love to schedule you an appointment to test drive a used Toyota Tundra. Contact Get My Auto to make it happen—and as always, stay tuned for the next installment of Cruising USA!