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Welcome back to Cruising USA—the show where we give you the real story behind America’s favorite cars and trucks. For Episode 48, we went to the beach and had a fun chat with Josh, who drives a 2016 Toyota Corolla. Here’s what he told us about it.

Toyota Corolla Reviewed

Josh says everyone in his family drives Toyotas. It’s a reliable car that gets the job done, and for the price it represents the best quality on the market.

As for what he loves specifically, Josh cites the gas mileage as well as some of the tech “goodies”—especially the back-up camera, which makes parallel parking a breeze! Josh test drove a Camry, as well, but preferred the size of the Corolla. He bought his Toyota brand new, from the showroom floor.

Josh definitely recommends the Corolla—a reliable car that gets the job done!

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