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We’re back with a new episode of Cruising USA—and for this week’s installment, we had a fun chat with our friend Valerie, who told us all about her family’s VW Passat.

This is her family’s first VW, and they bought it for the gas mileage; it’s a diesel engine and gets 47 miles to the gallon! She drives her kids around for days without having to refuel.

Valerie also cites the keyless engine turn-on, the spacious trunk, and the nice leather interiors. A 2013 model, Valerie’s VW hasn’t had too many maintenance problems—but she says the push-button engine starter has been having some issues.

Test Drive a 2013 VW Passat

Overall, though, Valerie enjoys her VW and recommends it. If it’s something that sounds appealing to you, we’d love to set you up with a test drive! Reach out to Get My Auto today to connect with a local used car dealership and keep your eyes on Cruising USA for more behind-the-scenes car stories!