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We’re back with the 55th episode of our weekly Web series, Cruising USA, where we give you the real story behind America’s favorite cars. On this week’s show, we chatted with Stephanie, the enthusiastic driver of a 2014 Volkswagen Passat.

About the 2014 VW Passat

Stephanie bought the car used, about six months ago. It’s everything she wanted in a car—spacious, smooth, and comfortable. She only has 25,000 miles on the car, and so far, she’s not had to do any maintenance save for the routine oil change.

Stephanie was looking at Hyundais, too, but found them to be a little too small. She picked the Passat instead, noting its roominess and trunk space.

Stephanie gives her car a 10 out of 10—and if you’d like to join her in Passat fandom, we invite you to call us today! Reach out to Get My Auto and we’ll help you arrange a test drive at a local dealership.